24 Stitched Spartans Jersey Le'veon Bell Green Limited College

24 Stitched Spartans Jersey Le'veon Bell Green Limited

Debbie Reynolds performs during her 56th birthday celebration April 1, 1997, in Las Vegas. CREDIT: Brian Jones/Las Vegas News Bureau In Las Vegas, it’s commonplace to name a street after a casino. It’s also commonplace for those casinos to be imploded. Those twin practices create a unique phenomenon: Our street names sometimes outlive their namesakes (see: Desert Inn Road and Sands Avenues). These legacy names offer a rare and whimsical connection to history in a town that tends to value the shiny new thing. At least that’s the perspective of a group trying to keep Debbie Reynolds Drive from being renamed. The short (approximately 1,000 foot) street runs between Convention Center Drive and Desert Inn Road. It was named for the Hollywood star and Las Vegas performer’s namesake Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Hotel, which lasted for about six years in the 1990s. The building was imploded in 2015, and local […]

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